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SOMA is one of Canada’s leading providers of independent medical assessments for a reason: your goal is our goal. At SOMA we provide services to the legal community as well as insurers and employers. In the medical-legal sector whether its liability, medical malpractice, plaintiff or defense counsel, we provide unbiased medical reports across the entire spectrum. In the employment and insurance sector we assist in facilitating healthy employees and satisfied plan members through timely diagnosis, pro-active objective treatment recommendations, and most importantly, evidentiary opinion on return to work.

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To manage risk effectively, you need to understand the examinee’s medical diagnosis, prognosis, work capacity, and future care costs. At SOMA, our experts can give you the information and evidence you need to establish your case confidentialy. Our experts are experienced in arbitration and trial, and prepare all reports and documentation to meet the standards necessary for court acceptance.



An Independent Medical Evaluation (IME) is an objective, physical exam conducted by a physician or allied professional.



A Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) assesses an examinee’s capabilities, limitations, motivatonal status, and reliability of effort based on accepted testing protocols, and is performed by an allied professional.



Job Demands Analysis (JDA) examines the physical and/or cognitive demands of the tasks or duties required in a specific job and is typically performed by a kinesiologist.


Medical File Review

Medical File Review determines the reasonableness and appropriateness of the medical care rendered; medical necessity of care, and causal relationships.


Cost of Future Care

Cost of Future Care Assessment or Life Care Plan is a comprehensive report that details current and future needs and financial requirements for individuals with a catastrophic injury or chronic health care needs.

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We are a full handle IME service provider. Our assessors provide services from our centralized facilities. At SOMA, we pride ourselves in facilitating the entire process: we control all the incoming and outgoing reports, client communication, follow-up teleconferencing as well as supplying interpreters and transportation as needed. With one call you can be assured that you will receive a quality, defensible medical report, and we will handle all the logistics.

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